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Data is being created at an incredible pace. In fact, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day. That pace is only accelerating with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Over the last two years alone 90% of data in the world was generated.

A recent article in Forbes entitled “How Much Data Do We Create Every Day? The Mind-Blowing Stats Everyone Should Read”, provides an amazing look into the data of the 21st century.

Internet: with so much information at our fingertips, we are adding to the data stockpile every time we turn on our search engines for answers. We conduct more than half of our web searches from a mobile phone now. More than half of humans on the planet use the internet (that’s a growth rate of 7.5% since 2016). There are 5 billion searches conducted a day more than 40,000/second.

Social Media: to give the reader some idea of the love affair people have with social media, every minute of every day, Snapchat users share 527,000 photos, 120 professionals join linked in, 4.1 million people watch YouTube videos, 456,000 tweets are sent on Twitter and Instagram users post 46,000 photos. With all these incredible numbers Facebook remains as the largest social media platform with 2 billion active users.

Communication: there is an incredible data trail when we use our favorite communications method from sending texts to emails. Every minute we send 16 million text messages, 990,000 Tinder swipes and 2.9 billion e-mails

Smart phones as digital cameras: our smart phones are exemplary cameras and the use of the phone as a camera continues to expand as well as its uses. People on average take 1.2 trillion photos since 2017 and there are approximately 4.7 trillion photos stored.

Clearly vast amounts of data are all around us. But how does that data enhance our decision-making abilities. O’Reilly’s Paco Nathan puts it as follows: “Decision makers are used to making judgements. Any CEO understands statistics at a gut level, because this is what they do every day. They may not know the math behind it, but the idea of collecting evidence, iterating on it and basing decisions on this is intuitive for executives. By putting in the work required to streamline the access to data, things start to happen – things like business-transforming ideas coming from likely and unlikely places. There is mounting hard evidence pointing to a simple fact: Data driven organizations perform better. For example, according to an Economist survey, organizations that rely on data more than their competitors outperform them financially. One of the newer aspects of data-driven decision making is based around Augmented Analytics (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning). These technologies assist with data preparation, insight generation and insight explanation thus allowing people to further explore and analyze data.

In order to make the correct data driven decisions, whether personally or from an enterprise perspective, acquiring the correct data sets is a must. The “Acquire X Data Exchange” has revolutionized the ability for both retail individuals and cutting-edge companies to purchase data sets that are relevant to their personal needs and/or their business endeavors. From a retail perspective, individuals can now obtain some of the most relevant data sets as they relate to their favorite sports teams and players. These data sets can be used to keep them informed or to assist in sports betting. Fans now have access to some of the most advanced data sets that have been augmented using artificial intellectual and machine learning. Such predictive analytics can increase the odds of placing winning bets. It is highly likely that by using these innovative data tools, the average fan will increase their long-term winning percentages. Acquire X has developed an auction bidding system for the data exchange to keep the data sets at an affordable price. It is very similar to the e-bay model. The buyer has two options, they can buy the desired data set immediately at the “Acquire Now Price” which the seller sets. However, if the buy is interested in attempting to obtain the data at a lower price, they can bid on the data set until a price is reached which the seller accepts. The “Suggested Retail Price” which the Acquire X Data Exchange determines starts the initial bidding. Unlike other products that are one and done, data can be sold repeatedly. So even if you don’t win on the first attempt, the bidding begins again until the buyer is able to purchase the data set that they want. The amazing thing about the Acquire X Data Exchange, is that the platform attracts sellers of premier data from all over the world. Some of the brightest minds that would have never had the opportunity to make their data available to the general public, now have an incredible platform from which to do so. Once the winning bid or Acquire Now Price is triggered, the data is downloaded to the winner via a simple click of a button. Our IT engineers have developed a platform that is simple, easy to use, intuitive and very user friendly. So, wherever you are from and whatever your home currency, it is not a problem on the Acquire X Data Exchange. Most international currencies are accepted and converted to the US dollar which is the base currency on the exchange. We also accept all types of payments. Security is paramount on the exchange and the latest technologies are in place to ensure user and data safety. The platform resides in the AWS cloud and therefore all the AWS safeguards are in place for an added layer of protection.

We have spoken in-depth regarding individual sports enthusiasts and sports bettors, now it is time to delve into the enterprise users. The Acquire X Data Exchange is the place to be for everything related to business data. Our sellers have data sets encompassing various types of data including fixed static, event based and continuous streaming. All major sectors of business are covered on the exchange including: finance, retail, travel, leisure, health, medical, entertainment, energy, transportation, weather, etc. If a company is unable to find the data set they are interested in, Acquire X provides a concierge service that can assist in locating that data set. For those companies that are interested in gaining advanced insights from data sets, Acquire X has Data Scientists that will assist in analyzing the data to obtain the maximum value.

We welcome all who are interested in purchasing data at the Acquire X Data Exchange. Please visit us at our web site

We welcome all who are interested in purchasing data at the Acquire X Data Exchange. Please visit us at our web site

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