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The International Labor Organization (ILO) calculated that full or partial lock down measures, to slow the spread of the Covid 19, has effected approximately four out of five workers globally – 2.7 billion of the world’s workforce of 3.3 billion people. The ILO described the corona-virus as the worst crisis since World War II. To further emphasize the devastating effect that the virus has had economically on the global community. The ILO estimated that 38% or 1.25 billion, of the people worldwide work in sectors that are at high risk of “drastic and devastating” increases in layoffs, pay cuts and working hours. We clearly are in unprecedented times. Due to lost wages from missed time at work, pay reductions and reduced hours many individuals are looking for opportunities to gain additional income. However, as mentioned above, options are somewhat limited. Acquire X Data Exchange has just the opportunity that you may be looking for.

Data is becoming more and more common place in daily life, so much so, that you can rarely go through a several hour period without someone referring to the effects that data has on society. Data is truly the 4th revolution. The first being the steam engine, the second electricity and the electric light, and the 3rd related to computers, the internet, e-commerce and social media. What does data as the 4th revolution really mean. As our society advances, individuals and businesses are progressing towards data driven decision making more and more. A simple example exists with something as commonplace as Amazon. Amazon through machine learning (ML) is able to determine what you purchased in the past and can determine what you may be interested in purchasing in the future. The same applies to Netflix, the platform determines what you watched and what you may be interested in watching going forward. People are becoming more tech savvy and familiar with using data as tool for decision making. It is also beginning to be viewed as an asset that has financial and economic value. Prior to now, data was seen as a “thing”, with little to no value in and of itself. What we at Acquire X Data Exchange are proposing, is that data is more than a tool or an asset, but is rather a commodity that has value that can be bought and sold. Very much like any other commodity, such as wheat, corn, gold, jet fuel, etc. Aquire X Data Exchange provides a sophisticated yet simple to use state of the art data exchange where buyers and sellers of data can come together and exchange data sets. Acquire X Data Exchange views data somewhat differently than most and sees data as “anything that has a digital footprint”. The Acquire X Data Exchange has developed algorithms that allows the exchange to handle all types of data including fixed static data, event based data and continuous streaming data. The Acquire X Data Exchange has discovered a way to “standardize data” such that data can now be accurately priced. An “auction based market” of bids and asks, similar to e-bay is used to generate sales and pricing is market driven. Prior to the Acquire X Data Exchange, data had been very difficult to price in an orderly and repeatable way. This obstacle has now been overcome.

In a recent survey, 66% of respondents stated that they believed they were tech savvy, with some knowledge of dealing with data bases and sets. This knowledge base is perfect for the the Acquire X “Data Connector” a new concept related to the GIG economy (a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs). When most people think of GIG economy jobs they think of Uber or Lyft. What Acquire X Data Exchange is proposing is that people (called “Data Connectors”) can use their tech and data skills to recruit buyers and sellers of data to the Acquire X Data Exchange for a commission. This not only sounds truly exciting, it is revolutionary and different. This is how the process works. Data Connectors sign up on the Acquire X Data Exchange Web Site, training and marketing materials are available for the Data Connectors to use. If Data Connectors have data sets that they themselves want to sell that is perfectly acceptable. If through their networks or through active recruiting they know individuals or companies that would like to buy or sell on the Acquire X Data Exchange it is encouraged. The Acquire X Data Exchange is open to data sets from all genres including: sports and sports betting, transportation, energy, finance, retail, health care, weather, travel, leisure, entertainment, governmental, etc. Once the data set sells, the Data Connector will receive a commission based on whether they brought the seller, buyer or both to the exchange. If the Data Connector brings both the seller and the buyer they will receive both commissions very similar to a real estate broker. The beauty behind this model, is that data unlike most products which can only be sold once, is different, it is non-consumable and is re-sellable, it can be sold over and over again creating a recurring revenue stream for the Data Connector. If the data set is especially good, a Data Connector can collect a recurring commission on the same data set’s sales for years, without having to do any more recruiting work. That is the power and unusual nature of data as a commodity. Depending on how hard someone works and the value of the data sets, individuals have the opportunity to generate well over $100,000 per year in revenue. Now that is some serious money without having to leave your home. Unlike Uber and Lyft where you need a car, car maintenance, insurance, etc., all you need is a computer, the internet and some initiative. This is a worldwide platform and people from all over the world are encouraged to participate. An interesting example is as follows: say someone works for a company that may have data that the company would like to monetize and sell. If it is permissible by the company and the employee (Data Connector) brings the company’s data to the exchange, the Data Connector would be eligible to receive the commission for that data set when sold. It should be mentioned that all data on the Acquire X Data Exchange is de-identified and anonymized.

We are open to all types of data sets from many different types of business or personal sectors. If you are interested and would like more information regarding this exciting opportunity, contact us at

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon,

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