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We offer a broad suite of services and capabilities to fit your business’s needs, from Cloud Migration, Data Security  and vCDO™ to Data Analytics, Data Normalization/AI and Data Warehouse Strategies.

a new way to it — the virtual CDO™

For organizations that rely on the quality, accessibility and security of their data, the AcquireX vCDO™  (Virtual Chief Data Officer) is the only dedicated data maturity solution that provides an in-depth and easy to understand scorecard to identify strengths and opportunities in areas of Data Security, Data Governance, Data Management, Data Analytics, and more. We’ll help you quantify and qualify your data, find your problem areas, and advise you on how to allocate and/or augment resources across lagging areas to realize improved data quality throughout the organization.

Our vCDO™ is an evaluation tool that reviews your systems, software and policies to quickly and easily identify opportunities for improvement, while indicating areas of strength. The vCDO™ will benchmark your company’s score against customers similar in size and industry to provide your organization with valuable context. We’ll track your score over time to ensure it’s trending in a positive direction.

Is vCDO right for you?

When thinking about whether or not a vCDO™ is right for your organization, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where does our data stand?
  • What does our data look like?
  • Do we know the value of our enterprise data?
  • What would our IT infrastructure look like in the cloud?
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Let our vCDO™ team unlock your data’s true value.

All the data services you need, in one place

AcquireX offers a robust array of services, from vCDO, AI/ML to Data Modeling and Master Data Management to Data Transformation and Metadata Management. AcquireX Data Syndicate has your data and cloud adoption needs covered.

Break down data silos with MDM

Without Master Data Management (MDM) to help organize, de-duplicate, structure and clean up, data is harder to use. AcquireX MDM services can help get your organization on track. Our expertise and custom platform can help your company clean, organize and complete enterprise data sets. We’ll install and implement processes to keep data clean – making it a value-driven asset.

If your organization has trouble delivering clean, quality, structured data needed by departments, your systems are siloed or don’t “talk” to each other, or you have data that’s disorganized and inaccurate, you need MDM.

Ready. Set. Transform!

When you think about the data your organization has, the various sources or third party applications it comes from and varying formats it arrives in, you can see how data quickly becomes mismanaged and out of control.

With AcquireX Data Transformation services, we help to unlock solutions to the challenges you face in finding and implementing strategies to transform data streams into a neutral format for your environment. We’ll also recommend how to enrich your data sets with valuable, usable information to drive better business decision making and outcomes.

Integrity. Privacy. Compliance. Gain better control over your data assets.

As part of the AcquireX Data Governance services, we’ll review your current practices, policies and procedures to identify strengths and weaknesses of your data management. We’ll ensure your data governance plan is sound and will help you implement a data governance team, should one not currently exist, while working with you to define a set of procedures and a plan to execute those procedures. We’ll also identify:

  • Data access issues
  • Strength of data encryption at rest and in motion
  • What business rules are used to capture data

Alleviating the cumbersome workloads of archival data and DLM

The life cycle of your data will be dependent on many things: business needs, data retirement policies, and compliance necessities set forth by governmental or regulation bodies. Generally, there is little need to keep all historical data stored in a way to be accessed regularly, but when is it appropriate to archive your records or ultimately delete them altogether? 

We can automate sunsetting of data into an archive environment, eliminating manual workload, easing the burden on systems and freeing storage space, helping you achieve cost-effectiveness.

Greater efficiency, less redundancy

Metadata Management is critical for ensuring data quality. It’s essential to consistent, accurate data across various reporting systems. We’ll analyze what systems and terms your organization is currently using to define, align and link data items to each other. A cohesive metadata management policy will be identified and implemented that can be adopted across your organization to improve operational reporting and business improvements.

By implementing a metadata policy you’ll benefit from:

  • Consistency of definitions lessening data retrieval problems
  • Less redundancy of effort with greater consistency of data
  • Maintenance of data is streamlined and automated
  • Greater efficiency which leads to faster product or project deliveries
  • More actionable insights to drive better business decision making

Analytics: Your strategy roadmap, visualized

Our expert team of data scientists can make meaning out of truckloads of raw data, setting you on course to define the right data strategy for your organization – and turn it into valuable insights that lead to:

  • Better defined KPIs
  • Improved systems health monitoring
  • Stronger business intelligence
  • Clearer critical decision making

Using customized algorithms, we’ll help you explore unstructured data such as email text, social media interactions, key/click logging, mobile app touches, and IoT data to turn them into actionable insights through data visualization dashboards. Data on demand offers ad hoc reporting abilities when you need it, too. We do the heavy lifting, alerting you when action is needed. 

Worried that your data organization is – well – not organized?

With the AcquireX Data Warehouse Strategy solution, we’ll review and analyze your current data warehouse solution, including maintenance, access, and validation approaches. We’ll sweep your data to ensure it’s been cleaned, optimized and updated on your existing systems. We’ll help you:

  • Improve data quality and consistency
  • Ensure data compliance
  • Reduce risk
  • Eliminate redundant business systems
  • Identify the business single source of truth (SSOT)
  • Lead the way to create MVOT (Multiple Versions of the Truth) for other business units

Our secondary approach will look at how migrating your IT infrastructure or data to the cloud can be a more cost-effective solution for your business. 

Worried you’re not cloud-ready? We’ll guide you there, step-by-step, providing you a multi-phase approach to get your company cloud ready.

Think your data is secure? Think again.

Data Security is critical for every organization, especially yours. Your ability to limit access to both internal and external users is paramount to safety and security of your business and your customers. 

We’ll work with you to:

  • Validate your protocols against industry compliance regulations and best practices
  • Develop a sound, secure system that includes: Data encryption recommendations | Protected encryption keys
  • A structured set of user groups and access/permissions

Our recommendations will ensure your organization meets all industry data compliance and regulations security standards.

Defining a clearer picture for your base data

Does your data live in data lakes, data warehouses or a non-relational state? A data swamp?

A solid data modeling structure allows for accurate, efficient reporting of data, resulting in improved business decision making.

The AcquireX Data Modeling team works with your organization to design a data model that is both technically sound and easily accessible. It will address the interactions of different data sources and formats to deliver more profound operational reporting and data analyses.

Let our team help you find the right mix of solutions to fit your needs!